Research and development

DeltaSync is continuously working on new developments to improve technologies for sustainable flood proof urbanization. We focus on development of new products and new knowledge.  We are particularly interested in technologies and methods that enable a scale increase from the individual floating house scale towards complete floating urban districts. For this purpose, integration with utilities and infrastructure is essential. A selection of research projects:

  • Floating utility units
  • Research on using water for mobility to improve the accessibility of 8 Dutch historic cities
  • Development of cost-effective concepts of technologies for flood protection of the built environment in the project Floodprobe (EU-FP7)

DeltaSync cooperates with a wide range of academic and industrial partners. Our alliance with Delft University of Technology allows us to be on the leading edge of technological development. To make sure we stay firmly rooted in our fields of expertise DeltaSync is continuously looking for partners to explore relevant and exciting new solutions.