As a specialist for all relevant aspects of floating urban development, DeltaSync has advised many government organisations and companies. The unique combination of competences in our team of experts, enables us to provide useful advise on complex issues.

During planning, design and realization of floating and water-sensitive development our experts can assist you. This includes technical advice, economic feasibility and spatial planning issues. For a market breakthrough of floating urbanisation, technical knowledge, spatial planning knowledge and an innovation strategy are essential. DeltaSync provides knowledge on all these fields


  • Advice on floating construction methods
  • Technical analysis (i.a. stability, draft, centre of mass and buoyancy)
  • Advice on floating infrastructure and decentralised utilities

Spatial planning and urban development:

  • Location scan for floating development (possible locations)
  • Advice on spatial planning and parcelling of floating houses
  • Advice on juridical status of floating houses

Innovation strategy:

  • Stakeholder capacity building
  • Drawing up guidelines for floating urbanisation
  • Transition strategies for flood proof sustainable cities

DeltaSync has worked for clients from the construction industry, research institutions and government agencies.