About DeltaSync

DeltaSync is a leading specialist in the field of floating urbanization. We provide consulting and design services and innovative solutions for delta areas. As an interdisciplinary think tank, we develop and implement flood proofing strategies.

By taking an integrated approach, that combines analysis, design and realisation, DeltaSync acts as a catalyst of visionary plans. Ideas or strategies are quickly taken to the next level, by providing technically feasible and aesthetically, economically and socially responsible solutions. In relation to this, sustainable development is a key aspect on all scales, from a single building to a complete city.

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Currently, for the first time in human history the amount of people that live in urban areas is larger than the amount that live in rural areas. The degree of urbanization is expected to rise further towards 70% in the 21st century. This growth will for a considerable part take place in low-lying deltas that are vulnerable for flooding and climate change. Already there is a shortage of space and cities rely completely on external sources for water, energy and food. With the increasing scarcity of resources there is a growing need for cities to be more self-sufficient.

Therefore there is a great need for new sustainable flood-proof concepts for urbanization of delta areas. Constructing floating buildings is a promising solution. It enables multi-functional use of space in densely populated areas, without further increasing flood risk. A good example of such a concept is the floating city. This concept should be developed in conjunction at different levels, ranging from home-level, neighbourhood level to city level. To ensure that it is actually implemented, it is important that the feasibility, spatial integration and social aspects are fully included in the analysis and design.


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