Floating Villa 2

Date: December 2010
Client: Private
Place: Harnaschpolder

For a private client DeltaSync has designed a floating villa. A wish of the client was a dwelling with the flexibility to transform the villa in the future in a B&B or a City Spa.

The entrance opens into the kitchen, which is in two levels. It is connected to a  terrace, that has views on the water and the park. An aquarium is used as a room divider between the kitchen and the media room. The kitchen and the terrace have a heightened ceiling. On the second floor a second terrace is the centre of the floor. De bathroom is connected to this terrace. The bathroom is spacious, there's room for a sauna and steam cabin. The sleeping rooms are opposite of the hallway. Next to the terrace is a roof pond, that ends in a waterfall.

The design for the facades is a balance between natural materials like wood and plants, and a more abstract material like plaster. In this way the villa connects with the surroundings but is still a modern dwelling. The northen facade is a vertical garden. The vertical green and waterfall are a continuation of the park and water surrounding the house. The facade of the terrace consists of a lot of glass, to let in the light and the view.


If you're interested in DeltaSyncs designs for floating homes, you can download our portfolio.

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