Your floating home

We are pleased to assist you in designing your private dream house. Our complete dedication to the field of floating development ensures excellent service, both technically and creatively. Down below is a short description of our operational procedure, the benefits and costs.

Our approach

Like other architectural firms we divide the design process in multiple stages. What makes us stand out is that we interact with other stakeholders (municipality, water board, utilities, fire department) in a very early stage. This accelerates the process and prevents unforeseen problems.

If you are interested in a floating house, we invite you for a first acquaintance. With reference material we try to get insight in your wishes and we discuss the conditions of the site, legislation and technical possibilities.

Preliminary Design
Based on your wishes we will draft a statement of requirements. This will be the starting point for the first studies. A first spacial and functional design will be made and evaluated with you. The plans will also be discussed with the municipality.

Final Design
The final appearance of the dwelling will be determined in this phase. A technical description is written and a budget estimation is made. To save time, the first phase of the permit application can be started. 

Technical Design
Now the design will be elaborated technically. Technical drawings will be made to apply for the building permit (sections, floating construction, installations and detailing). Furthermore the design will be judged based on building code. 

Building specifications need to be drafted. With this you can select a contractor.

Drawings are made that can be used on site during the build. Production drawings from the contractor are checked and the build will be supervised.