Layer Dwelling

Date: July 2010
Place: Delft

The layer dwelling has a footprint of 7 by 10 meters. It exists of two floors; one is partially  below the water level. Here are the sleeping rooms and a bath room. The floorplan provides privacy for the occupants, by positioning all the service areas close to the quay.

The rooms are flexible, the two big sleeping rooms can be changed into three smaller ones. The living room is focused on the water and gives great views. The kitchen is overlooking the ecological zone.

An option is to add a third floor. This floor gives direct access to a spacious roof terrace. On this floor there is also room for an extra sleeping room and bathroom, but it can also be used as an studio or home office.

The living area is slightly raised from the water level. The floating terrace can be accessed with a small stairs. The terrace provides a direct link with the surrounding water.