Terrace Dwelling

Date: July 2010
Place: Delft

This dwelling combines a direct link with the water with an interesting split-level floor plan. The living room is divided in two parts; the kitchen is close to the waterlevel and the living room is 1,20 meter higher. Both connect to an outdoor terrace. The terrace close to the kitchen is orientated on the west, so in the evening it has a lot of sun. The other terrace is orientated on the south.

The fireplace can be used from inside and from the terrace. The stairs are in the living area, so the two rooms are visually linked.

The sleeping rooms are partly on the lower and partly on the higher floor. A core that runs on all the floors connects them together and contains the bathrooms and the entrance of the house. By crossing the closed core the transition from public to more private space is emphasised.

The smart floor plan and the actively use of the outdoor terraces makes this dwelling spacious and luxurious, despite of the modest total area and small budget.