Competition Floating Housing Harnaschpolder

Date: June 2010
Client: Gemeente Delft
Place: Harnaschpolder, Delft

In Spring 2010 DeltaSync organized a student design competition for the municipality of Delft. Here you can find the archive. The pictures in the header are from left to right: Sustainable Shell by Loed Stolte, Kashuis by Marlies van der Linden en Bas Wetzel and Double Dutch by Halie Zhan and Jan Mulder.



The entry 'Sustainable Shell' of Loed Stolte has won the competition for floating housing in the Hasnaschpolder. His entry was chosen out of the ten entries that were submitted. The design will be developed and realised by the municipality of Delft.

Under Results you can download the entries of the nominees and the jury rapport


The following entries are nominated for the first prize:

Living it Right: Laurence van Benthem, Rolf van der Leeuw, Floris van der Zee
Transformer: Suzanne Brouwer and Renske van Dieren
Kashuis: Bas Wetzel and Marlies van der Linden
Sustainable Shell: Loed Stolte
Double Dutch: Halie Zhan en Jan Mulder
At the award ceremony on the 29th of june, the winner will be announced.

The competition for Delft students is coming to an end. On June 29th the jury will announce which entry has won the competition. The award ceremony will be held in the Berlagezaal of BK City, the new building of the Architecture faculty of the TU Delft. A selection of the entries will be on display.

16.00 Reception
16.15 Welcome
16.45 Award ceremony
Afterwards drinks

Please notify the organization if you intend to attend to this ceremony at

Jury member

The jury is complete. The last member of the jury will be Hilde van Slooten. She is a member of the future residents collective. In this role she will be living in close proximity to the winning design.

New Q&A

Under Downloads you can find a new Q&A form.
Submission requirements
The day that you have to hand in your designs is rapidly approaching. On June 15th you will have to submit your entries at YESDelft!, Rotterdamseweg 145 in Delft from 16.00 to 18.00 hours. After this time no entries will be accepted anymore. We are looking forward to seeing all the creative and innovative ideas that you have come up with.

Date:       June 15th 2010
Time:       16.00-18.00 pm
Location: YESDelft!, Rotterdamseweg 145, Delft

The entry should consist of the following items:

A maximum of one A1, with at least: one ground plan on scale 1:50, one exterior view, one location sketch (in 2D or 3D).
One A4 text document (maximum 2000 words)  with a motivation of the design on each criterion and an budget estimation.
A statement identifying the design as the intellectual property of the designer.
Closed envelop with on the outside the motto, and the motto and the name of the entrant(s) inside.

The statement has to be included in the closed envelop. The entry should be submitted in hard copy and digitally on a CD, DVD or USB-stick.
Furthermore we want to ask you hand in digitally an explanatory text about your design (maximum 100 words) and an image which represents your design the best. These will be used in the jury report.

Q&A 7th may

The first questions of contestants have been received. The questions and the answers can be downloaded under downloads.

New Drawings

A site plan and two section drawings of the Harnaschpolder can now be downloaded in dwg-format. You can find them on the left side of this page.

Kick off meeting great success!

On Monday 19th of April DeltaSync organized a kick off meeting about the student competition Floating Housing in the Harnaschpolder. An overwhelming amount of 36 teams has registered to participate in the competition. A presentation was given on the background information of the project, the requirements of the house and the planning of the competition. The students showed great interest in the assignment. The presentation and the questions that were asked can be downloaded here.

Sustainable Floating home in Harnaschpolder
Unique opportunity for students of Delft

Students of Delft are offered a unique opportunity by the municipality of Delft: to design a floating home in the Harnaschpolder in Delft that will actually be realized. In order to make better use of the knowledge and creativity of students in Delft the municipality of Delft in cooperation with Deltasync, organizes a design contest for a sustainable floating home in the Harnaschpolder. Not only the quality of design, but also sustainable innovation will play an important role in this contest.

In Harnaschpolder in Delft 6 plots are available for floating waterhomes. On one of these plots the winning design will be realized.

The floating homes are connected by a collective access jetty, that is accessible through two points on the ecological shore. The waterhomes are being realised in Joint Project Commissioning. In this process future home owners are collectively commissioning common elements and have a big part in the design of their home. The municipality will realise one of these waterhomes in this collective based on the design of the winning entry.

Students of Delft can hand in their design entry until the 15th of June 2010. The entries will be judged by a professional jury headed by mr. Sander Berkhout, project manager Harnaschpolder Delft. The jury will pay special attention to quality, inventiveness and sustainability of the design.

The enrollment of the design contest will be from the 1st of March to the 15th of April in 2010. The enrollment form can be downloaded from and The contest regulations and members of the jury can be found on the same address.

For more information and question about the design contest contact Deltasync: by mail or phone 015-256 1872.