Floating Communities: Meet, Join, Float

Date: November 2009
Place: Valkenburg, Delft

This exposition is the result of a collaboration between Rotterdam Climate Proof, Stadshavens Rotterdam, TU Delft en DeltaSync. It shows our joint vision on the future of floating urbanization. Rotterdam presents itself as a city that is seriously working and actively looking for sollutions for climate change. Delft, University of Technology is an innovative knowledge institute that transforms knowledge into practice. DeltaSync is specialised in floating urbanisation and a strategic partner of Delft, University of Technology.

The exposition exists of a wooden modulair frame with three banners. An interactive model of the floating pavilion completes it. The exibition was shown at the Innovation Fair in november 2009. Afterwards it was shown at Delft, University of Technology and Yes!Delft.

This expo is made possible by:

Rotterdam Climate Proof, TU Delft, Stadshavens, FOC and Kunz timmerfabriek

Former Minister of Traffic, Public works and Water management, Camiel Eurlings, visited the exposition.