Water lots Harnaschpolder Delft

Together with the municipality of Delft and DeltaSync, individuals will build the most sustainable flooating houses in the Netherlands. The freestanding houses will be connected to the shore through a jetty. The location in the district directly to the central ecological zone, makes this project an unforgettable living experience. The Waterlots in Delft are for sale. By now four have already been sold.
The houses each have a floating terrace and a roof terrace from where you can enjoy the sunshine, while you overlook the water. Saving energy and innovative technologies in water conservation not only provide a sustainable house but also guarantee a high comfort.

The watervillas will be developed in Collective Private Initiative (CPI). Participants develop the jetty and other collective elements together but are also  able to design and realise their own dreamhouse. In thid way people will feel part of a neighborhood soon. It is the ultimate change to make this project a success! By developing the jetty, people are not only desinging their own home, but also the entrance to it.

In this project six plots are realized. There are two sorts of plots; the two northern  plots are around 256 m2, the other plots are around 292 m2. The houses will get a hightech and innovative appearance, to show the uniqueness of the project.

A bicycle route runs along the ecological park and pedestrian routes are in the park. The jetty will be connected to this routes, so the inhabitants can easily use a bike or go by foot.

Parking will be situated along side the ecological park, on the other side of the street. This is to prevent traffic nuisance as to keep the ecological aspect of the park intact. Inhabitants will be appointed parking spaces along the street.