Floating Utility Unit

Date: November 2008
Client: Stuurgroep Experimenten Volkshuisvesting (SEV)

Living on water offers great opportunities for flexible and sustainable housing. Waterhomes can be manufactured at a distant location, transported over water, reorganized or be re-used at a different location. A question that remains is how to supply these waterhomes with water, electricity and internet. The floating utility unit provides a flexible framework for delivering utility services, and at same time provides floating infrastructure.

The Floating Utility Unit is not to be regarded as a definitive product. It is rather a toolbox that can be utilized at different locations with specific demands. The consideration of sustainable technology and feasibility is used as a basic principle. A business enterprise or foundation exploits the Utility Units, so that from a user perspective there is hardly any difference with regular public utilities.

The Floating Utility Unit contains any/all of the following:

Connections that enable flexible urban planning.

[2] Integrated piping. Ducts and pipes are integrated in the infrastructure 

[3] Permeable surfaces. Surfaces that can be used for rainwater harvesting.

[4] Membrane bioreactor. Treats waste water.

[5] Direct Nanofiltration. Potable water is harvested from surface water.

[6] Seasonal storage. Heat is stored in aquifers to save energy.

[7] Submerged water storage. A flexible bag that serves as a temporary storage facility for purified water.

[8] Windturbine mooring pole. A small wind turbine that is fit for use in residential areas that can easily be combined with necessary mooring facilities.

[9] Solar-energy. PV-panels are an effective source of energy . Residents can lease their roof area to the operator and save on energy bills.

[10] Helofyte filter. Vegetation that treats grey waste water.