UrbanWaterScan Arnhem

Date: April 2012

The hustle and bustle of everyday life and the rise of the 24-hour economy creates a growing need for space, peace and quiet. This leads to the departure of certain income groups out of the cities to regain rural life near nature and water. Cities suffer from a decrease in population diversity.

An attractive proposition that cities can offer is the combination of the same living quality as the country side and a short distance to the city.

In order to determine what possibilities in regaining population diversification for cities exist , DeltaSync developed the WaterWoonScan Tool. For this the qualities and preconditions that must be met to make these city locations into suitable water living areas have been analyzed. Locations are scanned on, inter alia; view, space, quality of surrounding buildings, accessibility and future flood predictions and scenarios.

For the municipality of Arnhem eight locations have been examined to determine which of these qualities are available, to provide a water living environment that is well suited to the site characteristics.