Circulair dwelling

Date: July 2010
Place: Delft

This dwelling measures 9 by 12 meters. The dwelling is 1 meter wider on one side, so the total area is 117 square meters.

The main floor consists of a split level. The living area is close to the water level. In summertime, the facades can be opened so the living room will be enlarged by the floating terrace. Hereby the boundaries between inside and out will disappear.  

The services are located in a core. The living areas encircle this core, thus creating a interesting routing. The kitchen is slighly raised above the living room. Through the different heights in the house, people will always have a different view on the water.

On the lower and higher levels sleeping rooms and bath rooms are located. The consequence of the split-level is that not the whole lower floor can be used as living area.