Floating Villa 1

Date: December 2010
Client: Private
Place: Harnaschpolder

For a private client DeltaSync has designed a floating villa. Important aspect of the design are the terraces. They are on opposite sides of the villa, so there's a sunny terrace every time of day.  

The kitchen is spacious and connected to one of the terraces. The living room has a heighted ceiling and is close to the other terrace. The fireplace can be used from the living room as well as the terrace. The entrance is spectaculair spacious with a big staircase.

On the second floor the sleeping rooms are located as well as a hobby room. The hobby room and a sleeping room as a little bit higher than the rest of the floor. The guest and hobby room are open spaces on opposite sides of the floor. This makes the floor open and spacious.

The volumes of the villa are accentuated by small overhangs. Horizontal lines dominate the facades. Wood, glass and plaster are used to create a dynamical pattern. Sustainability was an important aspect of this design. Paasive sunenergy is stopped by the overhangs. A heat pump heats and cools the villa. The entrance can be used for night cooling.