2010 Floating Villa 1

For a private client DeltaSync has designed a floating villa. Important aspect of the design are the terraces. They are on opposite sides of the villa, so there's a sunny terrace every time of day.  

The kitchen is spacious and connected to one of the terraces. The...[more]

2010 Floating Villa 2

For a private client DeltaSync has designed a floating villa. A wish of the client was a dwelling with the flexibility to transform the villa in the future in a B&B or a City Spa.

The entrance opens into the kitchen, which is in two levels. It is connected to a ...[more]

2010 Layer Dwelling

The layer dwelling has a footprint of 7 by 10 meters. It exists of two floors; one is partially  below the water level. Here are the sleeping rooms and a bath room. The floorplan provides privacy for the occupants, by positioning all the service areas close...[more]

2010 Circulair dwelling

This dwelling measures 9 by 12 meters. The dwelling is 1 meter wider on one side, so the total area is 117 square meters.

The main floor consists of a split level. The living area is close to the water level. In summertime, the facades can be opened so the living room...[more]

2010 Terrace Dwelling

This dwelling combines a direct link with the water with an interesting split-level floor plan. The living room is divided in two parts; the kitchen is close to the waterlevel and the living room is 1,20 meter higher. Both connect to an outdoor terrace. The terrace...[more]

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