2009 Floating houses Harnaschpolder, Delft

The city of Delft is planning to develop floating houses in the Harnaschpolder, a new neighbourhood close to Den Hoorn. Six houses will be realized in a water retention area. To develop these houses succesfully DeltaSync was asked to advise the municipality of Delft on the topic...[more]

2009 Shifting Green Frontiers

For the international competition Rising Tides DeltaSync designed Shifting Green Frontiers.


Delta problems in San Francisco BayThe San Francisco Bay area is a unique estuary characterized by valuable wildlife of international significance. It is the largest estuary on the...[more]

2008 LocationScan Floating Pavilion Rotterdam

In preparation of the development of the Floating Pavilion in Rotterdam a study was conducted on the relevant spatial, technical and policy aspects with regard to floating construction. Furthermore, the City Ports area in Rotterdam was investigated, in order to find the most...[more]

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