2014 Seasteading Implementation Plan

Floating cities have been proposed by designers, researchers and organizations all over the world as a solution to the expected effects of climate change and land scarcity, or as a way to create opportunities for societal and political change. While the number of visions and...[more]

2012 Floodproofing Assessment Tool

When vital, vulnerable functions are flooded, the affected area often exceeds the boundaries of the function. During the flood of 2007 in England, 350,000 people were affected by the flooding of a water treatment plant. The Floodproofing and Assessment helps policy makers, to...[more]

2010 Water retention and spatial development

Multifuntional use is often mentioned as promising solution to realise water retention space in densely populated delta areas. DeltaSync has researched the possibilities for multifunctional use in Rijnenburg, close to Utrecht, for the Waterboard De Stichtse Rijlanden.

In this...[more]

2010 FloodProBE

FloodProBE is a European research project with the objective of providing cost-effective solutions for flood risk reduction in urban areas. FloodProBE aims to develop technologies, methods and tools for flood risk assessment and for the practical adaptation of new and existing...[more]

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