Shifting Green Frontiers

Date: August 2009
Client: Rising Tides Competition
Place: San Francisco

For the international competition Rising Tides DeltaSync designed Shifting Green Frontiers.

Delta problems in San Francisco Bay

 San Francisco is the fourth largest container port in North America and the area is home to a number of growing and innovative industries such as Information Technology, Biotechnology and Biomedical Research.  The population of the Bay area is expected to increase by about 1.6 million people by 2030( 

Vulnerable hotspots in the bay area

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The result is a green frontier that creates a wetland that keeps up with sea level rise. This type of development leads to more wetland that plays a crucial function in flood protection. It reduces flood risk of the urban areas around by dissipating wave energy during storms.  After a couple of years when the progress of wetland development is satisfactory, the floating community will move further away from the shore line. The next phase of wetland development starts. In this way, the floating community works as a shifting green frontier.   

The result: A more sustainable and resilient San Francisco Bay
Shifting green frontiers is an answer to many urgent problems and long-term challenges in the San Francisco Bay. Shifting green frontiers enable future urbanization without increasing flood risk. Shifting green frontiers create more wetlands in the bay and use the polluted sediments as building material to accelerate wetland development. Green frontiers combine urbanization with economic development and ecological restoration. Therefore, it is a contribution to a more sustainable and resilient San Francisco Bay. 

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