Design Maashaven neighbourhood

Date: July 2010

For his graduation at the Saxion University, Mochammad Yusni Aziz did an internship at DeltaSync. Under supervision of DeltaSync he designed a floating neighborhood in the Maashaven. After his research of the surrounding neighborhoods, the harbor and infrastructure, he designed a neighborhood that links the existing urban fabric.

The design consists of three parts. The eastern part is the head of the site. It will have a more public scale characteristic. Here offices, shops and restaurants are located around a floating plaza. The plaza has a special connection with the surrounding water and is the centre of this mixed use area. This area will function as a transition zone from the Afrikaanderwijk to the new neighborhood.

The body is a residential area. The housing is arranged along tree parallel axis. The flowing lines of the axis are a metaphor for the surrounding water. The different typologies and plots guarantee a various housing array. The public spaces ensure the occupants of recreational space and views of the water. Two bridges connect the neighborhood to Katendrecht and Tarwewijk.

The green spaces will continue to the west of the site. Here it will generate wetlands that purify the water and improve the ecology. Furthermore it provides the city with recreational space. No housing is designed here because of the continuing shipping activities. The park links the new neighborhood to the SS Rotterdam.