Your floating home

Availability of water lots

An important condition for obtaining a waterhome is the availability of water lots (in your preferred region). DeltaSync is actively engaged in finding new space for living on water. In cooperation with municipalities we try to find suitable locations. Having started successful initiatives in Delft and Rotterdam we are currently approaching more municipalities.

Your support is of vital importance to be able to launch more waterhome initiatives. Please fill out our digital form to state your interest and help us find a nice place for your future waterhome.

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In Delft the municipality is realising six floating houses in collaboration with DeltaSync. To read more about this project:

> Water lots Delft

Besides starting initiatives to broaden the awareness of floating urbanization and lobbying with municipalities for locations, DeltaSync also designs watervillas. So read more about our design approach:

> Design Vision

> Floating home: design approach


If you're interested in DeltaSyncs designs for floating homes, you can download our portfolio.

> Portfolio Waterwoningen (PDF)