2010 Floating Villa 1

For a private client DeltaSync has designed a floating villa. Important aspect of the design are the terraces. They are on opposite sides of the villa, so there's a sunny terrace every time of day.  

The kitchen is spacious and connected to one of the terraces. The...[more]

2010 Floating Villa 2

For a private client DeltaSync has designed a floating villa. A wish of the client was a dwelling with the flexibility to transform the villa in the future in a B&B or a City Spa.

The entrance opens into the kitchen, which is in two levels. It is connected to a ...[more]

2010 Layer Dwelling

The layer dwelling has a footprint of 7 by 10 meters. It exists of two floors; one is partially  below the water level. Here are the sleeping rooms and a bath room. The floorplan provides privacy for the occupants, by positioning all the service areas close...[more]

2010 Circulair dwelling

This dwelling measures 9 by 12 meters. The dwelling is 1 meter wider on one side, so the total area is 117 square meters.

The main floor consists of a split level. The living area is close to the water level. In summertime, the facades can be opened so the living room...[more]

2010 Terrace Dwelling

This dwelling combines a direct link with the water with an interesting split-level floor plan. The living room is divided in two parts; the kitchen is close to the waterlevel and the living room is 1,20 meter higher. Both connect to an outdoor terrace. The terrace...[more]

2010 Roofgarden Dwelling

The roofgarden dwelling is a compact house that consists of three stories. The total area of the dwelling is approximately 140m2. The living area is situated at the central floor. The facades of the floor are set back; thus making it possible to walk around the house. It is...[more]

2010 Curve Dwelling

The dwelling consists of two stories with a combined area of approximately 130 m2. The top floor is the living area. The dining room is located at the waterline and has a direct connection with an outdoor terrace. The living is slightly raised, so the water can be experienced...[more]