2011 Floating district Almere Pampus

The objective of the study is a floating district in Almere Pampushaven. This area is available now as a temporary exposition of a floating district. Floating life has granted use of the Pampushaven area for 10 years. In these 10 years Pampushaven area has the chance to be the...[more]

2010 Floating Pavilion Rotterdam

Initiated by DeltaSync, the Floating Pavilion is intended as a pilot for building on water and a first step towards floating urbanization. The urban development of unprotected areas outside the dikes is of major importance to the city of Rotterdam. With this project the...[more]

2010 Design Maashaven neighbourhood

For his graduation at the Saxion University, Mochammad Yusni Aziz did an internship at DeltaSync. Under supervision of DeltaSync he designed a floating neighborhood in the Maashaven. After his research of the surrounding neighborhoods, the harbor and infrastructure, he designed...[more]

2010 Competition Floating Housing Harnaschpolder

In Spring 2010 DeltaSync organized a student design competition for the municipality of Delft. Here you can find the archive. The pictures in the header are from left to right: Sustainable Shell by Loed Stolte, Kashuis by Marlies van der Linden en Bas Wetzel and Double Dutch by...[more]

2010 ModulAIR

With a multidisciplinary team of students and professionals of DWA, Edifico and RoseliekvanderVelden, DeltaSync designed a self-sustaining floating house. This design was an entry in the design competition 'Duurzaam drijvend wonen' from stadsdeel Oost-Watergraafsmeer,...[more]

2009 Floating Communities: Meet, Join, Float

This exposition is the result of a collaboration between Rotterdam Climate Proof, Stadshavens Rotterdam, TU Delft en DeltaSync. It shows our joint vision on the future of floating urbanization. Rotterdam presents itself as a city that is seriously working and actively looking...[more]

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