17-05-2010 Floating Pavilion towed through Rotterdam

Friday morning, between 7:30 and 10:00, the Floating Pavilion will be heading for its destination in the Rijnhaven. Alderman Bolsius (port and finance) will give the green light, for tugboats to start towing the distinctive building. After passing the Euromast, moving towards the Erasmusbridge, the futuristic domes will make a right turn at Hotel New York, to enter the Rijnhaven. It will be moored at the Tillemakade, where it will be finished for the opening in June

The route can be downloaded here. If you would like to witness this event, Hotel New York is a perfect place. The Floating Pavilion will pass it between  9:00 and 9:30 am.

20-11-2013 Study Water Demand in Urban areas

Photo: Tineke Dijkstra/Hollandse Hoogte, Beeldbank Deltaprogramma

In recent months, DeltaSync was commissioned by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment to perform a study on the water demand of urban areas. In particular this concerns the additional water demand...[more]

18-11-2013 TEDxTalk Rutger de Graaf online

This week the TEDx video of Rutger de Graaf was published online. In this video he is talking about the need of floating cities.

Most of the bigger cities in the world are located along the coast. Every day around 150.000 people move to the city. This means that in 2100 4.5...[more]

04-10-2013 Seasteading Crowdfunding Campaign Ends Successfully!

The crowdfunding campaign launched by Seasteading Institute was a huge success, thanks to all 291 contributors who helped smash the $20,000 goal and bring the dream of creating the first floating city one step closer. Check out the project on Indiegogo or read more about it in...[more]

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