DeltaSync is a multidisciplinary design, research and consultancy firm. We are specialized in sustainable flood proof urban development in delta areas. Our main focus is floating urbanization.

16-10-2014 Deltas 2014: Presentations and conclusions workshop Floating Cities available

Last month the second Deltas in Times of Climate Change conference took place in Rotterdam. Part of this conference were the numerous workshop sessions, where various subjects were presented and discussed. One of these sessions was the workshop “Creating floating cities: a dream...[more]

02-10-2014 Webinar Drijvend Bouwen 7 oktober / 4 november 2014

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Na eerdere succesvolle webinars organiseert SKB weer nieuwe webinars. Ditmaal over waterkwaliteit en ecologie bij drijvend bouwen. Rutger de Graaf en Floris Boogaard hebben onderzoek verricht naar de waterkwaliteit en ecologie bij...[more]

30-09-2014 Measuring water quality underneath floating structures

Preliminary measurements using a remote-controlled underwater drone have shed some light on the influence of floating structures on the water quality. The first results of the ongoing research “Impacts of Floating Urban Development on water quality and ecology” were presented...[more]

30-09-2014 Deltas 2014: Concept of floating cities grabs imagination at international congress on river deltas

Is it a dream of young engineers or will it be the future? Large floating living areas on inner waters or even off the coast? Whatever the answer, fact is that the workshop on floating cities during the conference Deltas in times of climate change in Rotterdam on 25 September,...[more]

20-06-2014 The Green Village partner event

On Tuesday, June 18 DeltaSync was a guest of the Green Village partner event. Led by Ad van Wijk and TV presenter Froukje Jansen visitors were taken on a journey across the different sections of the Green Village: Future Labs, Engines, The Store, and Events. During the last...[more]

05-06-2014 Survey on the effects of floating urbanization

Together with Tauw and Deltares DeltaSync conducted a nation-wide survey on the effects of floating urbanization on water quality and ecology. Over the past few months the survey was conducted, together with students, using a so-called underwater drone. The drone, which was able...[more]

27-05-2014 Netwerkborrel Platform Drijvend Bouwen

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Op 5 juni zal in het drijvend kantoor van Waternet in Amsterdam de eerste borrel worden gehouden van de stichting Platform Drijvend Bouwen. Naast de mogelijkheid tot bezichtigen van het drijvend kantoor zal er gesproken worden over de...[more]

15-05-2014 Floating City Project report released by Seasteading Institute

Last month The Seasteading Institute released their Floating City Project report. The report states that the first floating city might be established by 2020. Also the report presents the main findings of a year’s research:

A market for a residential seastead exists; A...[more]

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