DeltaSync is a multidisciplinary design, research and consultancy firm. We are specialized in sustainable flood proof urban development in delta areas. Our main focus is floating urbanization.

18-12-2014 Floating City Project: fact-finding and diplomatic mission

In November, together with The Seasteading Institute and others, DeltaSync went on a fact-finding and diplomatic mission for the Floating City Project to an undisclosed location. The mission’s intention was to locate the first floating city in the sea.The Seasteading Institute...[more]

11-12-2014 DeltaSync wins Sustainable Urban Delta Award 2014

Tuesday the 9th of December DeltaSync’s BlueRevolution vision managed to win the very first Sustainable Urban Delta Award, which is awarded to the Dutch company with the best integral solution for creating a sustainable urban delta.

The Award was part of the CleanTech Business...[more]

11-12-2014 Further research on water quality impact of floating housing

In the last year Efthymia Foka conducted research on the water quality impact of floating housing in the Harnaschpolder, Delft. The research is part of her master thesis ‘Water Quality Impact of Floating Houses’, which is conducted within the faculty of Civil Engineering at the...[more]

01-12-2014 Research findings BlueRevolution on urban scale

At a global scale, it is known that the BlueRevolution has a huge potential. On a much smaller scale however, the urban scale, little was known. A recent study in the Rotterdam City Region has shown that there is also a great potential on the urban scale.The study examined the...[more]

28-11-2014 Webinars Drijvend Bouwen online terug te kijken

This article is only available in Dutch

Op dinsdag 4 november j.l. heeft deel 2 van de Webinar Waterkwaliteit en Drijvend Bouwen plaatsgevonden. Rutger de Graaf en Floris Boogaard hebben onderzoek verricht naar de waterkwaliteit en ecologie bij drijvend bouwen. Zij hebben in...[more]

31-10-2014 Research on comfort levels for floating platforms

Morten Joe Slingsby, Master student Offshore Engineering at TU Delft, recently finished his internship at DeltaSync. In cohesion with our research for the Seasteading Insitute, we were very interested in the level of comfort of living on a seastead, more specifically two...[more]

24-10-2014 Demonstration underwater drone

On Monday 13 October DeltaSync gave a demonstration of the new underwater drone in the Harnaschpolder, Delft. One of the attendants was Ronald Vuijk, member of the Dutch House of Representatives and former member of the Executive Board of Delft. During his career as a member of...[more]

24-10-2014 University of New Orleans tests Floating City project's concept design

The Floating City project has entered the next phase. In their newsletter the Seasteading Institute reports that a model of the project's concept design is being tested in a so-called 'wave tank' at the University of New Orleans. The study is led by Michael Capitain of Welwynd...[more]

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